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  1. B5447C
    Fiorelli Tubular Hinged Bracelet with Cubic Zirconia
  2. B5381
    Fiorelli Sand Dune Ripple Texture Hinged Bangle
  3. B5251C
    Fiorelli Organic Closed Bangle with Cubic Zirconia
  4. B5250
    Fiorelli Organic Statement Cuff
  5. B5208C
    Fiorelli Pave Cubic Zirconia Ball Bangle
  6. B5168
    Fiorelli Hammered and Plain Discs Bangle
  7. B5099
    Fiorelli Wave Bangle
  8. B4861C
    Fiorelli Hinged Bar Bangle with Cubic Zirconia
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