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  1. P5366
    Wings Pendant with Diamond
  2. B5449W
    Pearl Station Bracelet with Diamond
  3. N4580W
    Pearl Station Necklace with Diamond
  4. P5360W
    Pearl Drop Pendant with Diamond
  5. E6392W
    Pearl Stud Earrings with Diamond
  6. Z1591
    Holy Communion Kit
  7. P800
    Small Cross Pendant with Diamond
  8. P4019
    Angel Pendant With Diamond
  9. P3572
    Rounded Profile Cross Pendant With Diamond
  10. P2412
    Medium Cross Pendant with Diamond
  11. E5156
    Cross Stud Earrings with Diamond
  12. B775
    Cross Expanding Bangle with Diamond
  13. B4890
    Shell Pearl and Bow Charm Bracelet with Diamond
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