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  1. N4593
    Diamonfire Shell Pearl Necklace with Zirconia Feature Clasp
  2. N4467
    Diamonfire Diamond Shaped Zirconia Pave Set Necklace
    Diamonfire Engravable Tag Necklace with Charm
    Diamonfire Four Claw Solitaire Necklace
  5. N4552
    Diamonfire Floating Baguette Zirconia Necklace
  6. N4551
    Diamonfire Tri-Stone Drop Pendant
  7. N4504
    Diamonfire Pave Set Diamonfire Zirconia Heart Necklace
  8. N4503
    Diamonfire Engravable Plain Tag Necklace with Pave Set Tag
    Diamonfire Teardrop and Pave Surround Necklace
  10. N4499
    Diamonfire Three Claw Snake Chain Necklace
  11. N4498
    Diamonfire Curly Hoop Necklace
  12. N4497
    Diamonfire Multi Baguette Necklace
  13. N4495
    Diamonfire Oval Blue Sapphire Necklace with Detailed Chain
  14. N4470
    Diamonfire V Shaped Zirconia Necklace
  15. N4469
    Diamonfire Double Zirconia Pendant Necklace
  16. N4468
    Diamonfire Teardrop Zirconia Double Chain Necklace
  17. N4466
    Diamonfire Semi Bezel Set Zirconia Necklace
  18. N4464
    Diamonfire Oval and Round Zirconia Drop Necklace
  19. N4418
    Diamonfire Marquise and Multi-Stone Detail Double Row Necklace
  20. N4403
    Diamonfire Teardrop Halo Necklace
  21. N4402
    Diamonfire Art Deco Style Necklace
  22. N4401
    Diamonfire Baguette Zirconia Scatter Necklace
  23. N4398
    Diamonfire Baguette and Round Zirconia Necklace
  24. N4341
    Diamonfire Triple Row Zirconia Necklace
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