Yellow Gold Plated Silver

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  1. P5411M-P5412G
    Amethyst Pendant
  2. E6426G-E6424M
    Amethyst Drop Earrings
  3. P5405C-P5406L
    Rose Cut Crystal Pendant
  4. E6419L-E6418C
    Rose Cut Crystal Drop Earrings
  5. P5407-P5243
    Open Heart Drop Pendant
  6. E6421-E6266
    Open Heart Drop Earrings
  7. P5226-P5353
    Droplet Shaped Engravable Tag Pendant
  8. Z1595-Z1823

    Material:  Recycled Sterling Silver

    Fiorelli Black Enamel Border Ring with Crystal
    Semi-Precious Birthstone Spinner Kit
  9. Z1593-Z1822
    Semi-Precious Birthstone Baseboard Kit
  10. Z1592-Z1821
    Semi-Precious Birthstone Pendant Pack
  11. Z1600-Z1765
    Initial Spinner Kit