Pretty pearls enhanced with our stunning zirconia stones create a classic dream pairing for both bridal and evening wear.

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  1. E6404
    Diamonfire Teardrop Zirconia Earrings with Shell Pearl Drop
  2. P5400
    Diamonfire Teardrop Zirconia Pendant with Shell Pearl Drop
    Diamonfire Shell Pearl and Zirconia Trilogy Ring
  4. B5472
    Diamonfire Shell Pearl Bracelet with Zirconia Feature Clasp
  5. N4593
    Diamonfire Shell Pearl Necklace with Zirconia Feature Clasp
    Diamonfire Shell Pearl and Eternity Stacking Rings
  7. P5114
    Diamonfire Shell Pearl Chain Drop Pendant
  8. P4620
    Diamonfire Teardrop Pendant with Shell Pearl and Zirconia
    Diamonfire Station Necklace with Shell Pearl
  10. N4500
    Diamonfire Shell Pearl Bubble Necklace
  11. N4496
    Diamonfire Double Chain Necklace with Shell Pearl and Zirconia
    Diamonfire Pull Through Chain Drop Earrings
    Diamonfire Assembled Hoop Earrings with Shell Pearl
  14. E6201
    Diamonfire Shell Pearl Drop Lever Hook Earrings
  15. E6192
    Diamonfire Shell Pearl Bubble Stud Earrings
  16. E6184
    Diamonfire Shell Pearl Chain Drop Earrings
  17. E5898
    Diamonfire Pearl Drop Hoop Earrings with Pave Zirconia
  18. E5597
    Diamonfire Teardrop Earrings with Shell Pearl and Zirconia
    Diamonfire Station Bracelet with Shell Pearl
  20. B5302
    Diamonfire Pearl and Zirconia Tennis Bracelet
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