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Discover buzzing bees, beautiful butterflies and more in the D for Diamond nature inspired range.

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  1. Y422
    Giraffe Money Box
  2. P5110
    Enamel Bee Necklace with Diamond
  3. P3567
    Filigree Butterfly Necklace with Diamond
  4. N4071
    Pink Pearl Flower Necklace with Diamond
  5. E6157
    Enamel Rainbow Stud Earrings with Diamond
  6. E6156
    Enamel Bee Stud Earrings with Diamond
  7. E4122
    Enamel Daisy Stud Earrings with Diamonds
  8. E3910
    Filigree Butterfly Stud Earrings with Diamond
  9. B5369
    Enamel Bee Expanding Bangle with Diamond
  10. B4316
    Enamel Daisy Expanding Bangle with Diamond
  11. B4315
    I Do Believe in Fairies' Expanding Bangle with Diamond
  12. P5301
    Pearlised Enamel Earth Locket Pendant with Diamond
  13. B5436
    Pearlised Enamel Cloud Bracelet with Diamond
  14. N4561
    Pearlised Enamel Cloud Necklace with Diamond
  15. E6329
    Pearlised Enamel Cloud Stud Earrings with Diamond
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