For Him

Our For Him jewellery collection features modern, affordable designs made to a high quality.

Embodying on-trend masculine style with ranges in sterling silver, stainless steel, genuine leather, and genuine recycled leather, there is something for everyone!

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  1. Sterling Silver 61 items
  2. Stainless Steel 69 items
  3. Stainless Steel and Black Leather 22 items
  4. Recycled Sterling Silver 19 items
  5. Stainless Steel and Brown Leather 10 items
  6. Stainless Steel and Blue / Grey Leather 1 item
  7. Stainless Steel and Black / Brown Leather 1 item
  8. Stainless Steel and Blue Leather 5 items
  9. Stainless Steel and Grey Leather 1 item
  10. Stainless Steel and Red Leather 1 item
  11. Stainless Steel and Red, Blue and Black Leather 1 item
  12. Stainless Steel and Recycled Brown Leather 1 item
  13. Stainless Steel and Recycled Black Leather 9 items
  14. Stainless Steel and Recycled Blue and Grey Leather 1 item
  15. Stainless Steel and Recycled Brown and Black Leather 1 item
  16. Stainless Steel and Natural Cork 2 items
  17. Stainless Steel, Blue Cork and Recycled Black Leather 2 items
  18. Stainless Steel and Recycled Green Leather 3 items
  19. Stainless Steel, Black Leather and Green Cork 1 item
  20. 9ct Yellow Gold 4 items
  21. 9ct Yellow Gold and Navy Leather 1 item
  22. 9ct White Gold and Black Leather 1 item
  23. Blue Leather 1 item
  24. Black Leather 2 items
  25. Brown Leather 2 items
  26. Recycled Black Leather 2 items
  27. Alloy and Black Leather 2 items
  28. Alloy 1 item
  29. Stainless Steel and Cord 3 items
  30. Stainless Steel, Recycled Leather and Cork 1 item
  31. Stainless Steel and Wire 1 item
  32. Stainless Steel, Black Recycled Leather & Peacock Pearls 1 item
  33. Stainless Steel and Mustard Leather 1 item
  34. Stainless Steel and Natural Brown Wood Beads 2 items
  35. Stainless Steel, Brown Leather and Natural Brown Wood Beads 1 item
  36. Stainless Steel, Mustard Leather and Natural Brown Wood 1 item
  37. Stainless Steel and Leather 1 item
  38. Stainless Steel and Black Enamel 1 item
  39. Stainless Steel and Carbon Fibre 1 item
  40. Damascus Steel 4 items
  41. Tungsten 5 items
  42. Stainless Steel and Genuine Black Leather 1 item
  43. Stainless Steel and Tungsten 1 item
  44. Stainless Steel and Natural Brown Wood 1 item
  45. Magnetic Stainless Steel and Black Nylon String 1 item
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    Fred Bennett Cross and Medical Dog Tag Pendant
    Fred Bennett Two Tone Cross Pendant
    Fred Bennett Black IP Detail Cross Pendant
    Fred Bennett Triple Bar Cross Pendant
  5. Z1830
    Fred Bennett Bead Bracelet Kit
  6. Z1829
    Fred Bennett Tungsten Ring Kit
  7. Y425
    Fred Bennett Leather and Stainless Steel Hip Flask
  8. N4589
    Fred Bennett Cilindro Chain 61cm
  9. N4592
    Fred Bennett Twisted Box Chain 56cm
  10. N4590
    Fred Bennett Twisted Figaro Chain 61cm
  11. N4591
    Fred Bennett Box Chain 56cm
  12. P5385X
    Fred Bennett Oxidized Rectangular Trinity Pendant
  13. P5384X
    Fred Bennett Oxidized Ouroboros Snake Rectangular Pendant
  14. P5389X
    Fred Bennett Oxidized Celtic Tree of Life Pendant
  15. P5387X
    Fred Bennett Overlapped Cross Pendant
  16. P5388X
    Fred Bennett Elongated Octagon Pendant
  17. P5386X
    Fred Bennett Round Chain Texture Pendant
    Fred Bennett Filigree Tungsten Ring
    Fred Bennett Brushed Gold Plated Tungsten Ring
    Fred Bennett Black Plated Tungsten Ring
    Fred Bennett Tungsten Ring with Black Enamel Stripe
    Fred Bennett Brushed and Polished Coffee Plated Tungsten Ring
  23. P5383
    Fred Bennett Damascus Steel Narrow Bar Pendant
  24. P5382
    Fred Bennett Damascus Steel Arrowhead Pendant
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