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  1. Y421
    Brush and Comb Set
    Round Stippled Edge Tag Pendant with Diamond
    Rectangular Tag Pendant with Diamond
    Droplet Tag Pendant with Diamond
  5. P5207
    Gold Edge Star Necklace with Diamond
  6. E6158
    Gold Edge Star Stud Earringswith Diamond
  7. E6157
    Enamel Rainbow Stud Earrings with Diamond
  8. B5386
    Forever Bracelet with Diamond
  9. B5372
    Rose Edge Heart Bracelet with Diamond
  10. B5371
    Gold Edge Star Bracelet with Diamond
  11. R3571
    Scalloped Edge Ring
  12. P4422
    Smiley Face Pendant
  13. P4379
    Scroll and Enamel Heart Pendant
  14. P4372
    Double Heart Pendant
  15. P4254
    Teddy Bear Pendant
  16. P4184
    Purple Enamel Toadstool Pendant
  17. P4103
    Heart and Flower Double Pendant
  18. P3893
    Cross Pendant with White Enamel Daisy
  19. N4013
    Brown Leather Dog Tag Necklace
  20. N4012
    Pink Leather Necklace with Rose Detail
  21. E5350
    Clover Stud Earrings with Rose Gold Detail
  22. E5153
    Cut Out Heart Stud Earrings with Diamond
  23. E5008
    Star Stud Earrings with Diamond
  24. B4877
    Angel Wings Toggle Bracelet
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