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Find the perfect keepsake with our Kids jewellery range.

Featuring adorable designs from D for Diamond and Beginnings, this collection is ideal for little ones varying in age and designed to be treasured for many years to come.

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  1. E6394
    Heart Hoop Earrings with Diamond
  2. E6393
    Star Hoop Earrings with Diamond
    Semi-Precious Star Birthstone Necklace with Diamond
    Round Pendant with Diamond Star
  5. P5367W
    Daisy Flower Pendant with Enamel and Diamond
  6. P5365
    Round Spinner Pendant with Diamond
  7. P5361
    Star Locket Pendant with Diamond
  8. P4103
    Heart and Flower Double Pendant
  9. P3893
    Cross Pendant with White Enamel Daisy
  10. P620
    Heart Pendant with Diamond
  11. P5227
    Rose Edge Heart Necklace with Diamond
  12. Y424
    Giraffe Photo Frame
  13. P5366
    Wings Pendant with Diamond
  14. P2549
    Heart Locket Pendant with Diamond
  15. Y423
    Giraffe and Zebra Tooth and Curl Boxes
  16. B5449W
    Pearl Station Bracelet with Diamond
  17. Y422
    Giraffe Money Box
  18. N4580W
    Pearl Station Necklace with Diamond
  19. N4077
    Freshwater Pearl Bow Necklace
  20. Y421
    Brush and Comb Set
  21. P5360W
    Pearl Drop Pendant with Diamond
  22. E6159
    Rose Edge Heart Stud Earrings with Diamond
  23. Y417
    Teddy Bear Certificate Holder with Stand
  24. E6392W
    Pearl Stud Earrings with Diamond
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