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Introducing the latest addition to the D for Diamond collection: Simply Imagine.

A wonderful jewellery collection starring our cherished Ted, the teddy bear, that encapsulates the magic of childhood exploration and discovery. Join Ted as they invite us to play peekaboo amongst the blossoms and lady birds, then delight in the simple joy of kite flying.

With a kaleidoscope of bold shapes and mixed plates, this collection is influenced by expressionist artists and the wonder of prisms; where a stream of light passes through crystal and creates a blaze of colour!

A delicate yet exciting collection of newness to add to our already stunning main collection of Fiorelli jewellery!

Elegance, brilliance, and a touch of magic await you in the Shimmering Aurora collection. Featuring a huge array of new jewellery, this collection explores the world of modern elegance and everyday glamour.

Whether it’s an engagement, or even just a gift, this collection is perfect for all occasions!

In a world of constant change, this collection invites you to rediscover the timeless appeal of simplicity.

Drawing inspiration from starting afresh, we are breathing new life into our favourite designs, infusing them with new textures and structures. It's a return to the roots of Beginnings, where each piece echoes a sense of familiarity but with a renewed lease of life.

Begin Again is more than just jewellery - it's a celebration of the journey ahead.

Confidence code explores iconic classic styles updated with standout features.

Brand new to this collection is the addition of damascus steel, offering a unique and sleek aesthetic. Additionally, to our stainless steel collection is the new tungsten rings. Offering a wide selection of plating, including IP black plating and our brand-new IP coffee plating!

Capturing the essence of the Italian lifestyle, this collection celebrates the importance of living in the moment.

Whether it is spending time with loved ones, exploring new hobbies or simply finding moments to daydream!

Created for the everyday, reflecting the future.

An everyday collection of delicate styles featuring lab grown diamonds. Sustainably created and ethically sourced, the collection is a beautiful introduction to your lab grown diamond journey.

Customer reviews...

Quite possibly the best suppliers in the jewellery business.

– Russell H

We have been working with Gecko for over 7 years and have found them to be consistently excellent. New product releases always anticipate and meet emerging market trends, are high-quality with long-lasting, durable finishes and are supported by industry-leading marketing materials and business development support. For consistency and a truly comprehensive service, Gecko are simply unbeatable.

– Mark C

Great company, varied collections that suit all my customers tastes, helpful and knowledgeable staff. After sales service spot on with free engraving, advertising images and post to customer service. My primary supplier now.

– David H

Writing this review I cannot even find the words for how compassionate and caring they have been with my requests and the outcome of the jewellery engraving was incredible!! I would definitely recommend them! Can’t thank them enough from the bottom of my heart.

– Cheryl C

Excellent service and such high quality jewellery. Always extremely helpful and easy to order from. Delivery is always fast and they go above and beyond when it comes to customer service. Highly recommended!

– Tim L

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